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Influence Of Asian Culture (India, China, Japan, Pak Etc.) On The West

With the development of the communication and transportation system, nowadays a person can easily move from one place to other. The ease of transportation and communication has helped people and has boosted trade and commerce. It has bridged the gap between the East and the West, which in turn has made great effect on the culture of the Eastern and Western countries. Though many of you have not noticed the thing initially, a look at certain features will help you understand Asian culture influence on West. The expansion of Asian culture has influenced the lifestyle as well as the eating habits of people in the West to a great extent.

  • Yoga: Whether you have visited Japan, India, China, Pakistan or any other Asian country, you must have heard of Yoga. Many of you have also included Yoga in your daily routine so that you can keep fit and healthy. Yoga has its root in the east and it is the intermingling of the eastern and western culture that has made Yoga, a global phenomenon.
  • Ayurveda: Ayurvedic treatment one of the best alternatives of prescription drugs also has its origin in the Asian countries. For ages, people of India, China or Japan has been following this natural way to cure their health issues. With time the advantages of Ayurveda and its holistic treatment has spread to the western world. Now, one can find different reputed Ayurvedic treatment centers in the Western countries and may consider it to be a part of the western medical sciences. However, someone who will glance into the history of Ayurveda will come to know that it is also an Asian cultural influence on western world.
  • Silk: Nowadays, people in west proudly flaunt different silk attires in parties and gatherings. Silk though known to very few people is also an example of expansion of Asian culture in the west. Silk, which has been a staple of Chinese people, has slowly gained popularity in the other Asian countries and with time, it has now become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of anyone living in a Western country.
  • Home Décor: Expansion of Asian culture has also made a great impact on the home decoration of people in the west. Several changes are now found on the furniture design of the western countries, which are nothing but the effect of the eastern culture on the western world. Apart from that, Buddha heads have also become an integral part of home decoration in the western countries. Lord Buddha is worshipped by millions of people in the east and his presence in the home decorations of the western countries proves Asia’s influence in western world.

Asian culture has made great influence on the west. But that does not mean, it is only the east, which has made impact on the culture and lifestyle of the western world. Western countries and their culture have also made great effect on the people of the eastern countries. Effects of western culture are now clearly visible on the attires and habits of people in East.



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